Week 1 – The “Other” Woman

I’m a procrastinator. Or would it be more correct to say…sometimes I resist starting projects? Either way… I put this assignment off until the last minute. Why? There is something inside me that questions, hesitates, and loathes the kick off…

Will I do it right? Will it be good enough? Will I be laughed at, scorned, or embarrassed? What about the outcome? Someone else will do it better than me so what’s the point? These questions along with sabotaging self-talk all contribute to the many reasons why I should just not start at all. Excuses, I know.

It’s the “Other” woman…my alter ego behind the scene. The unconscious speaker of the house running programs from who knows how long ago that are broken and out of synch with my dreams, desires, and aspirations. She does what she is programmed to do. Resisting any change that would upset the balance of what is right and wrong according to the blueprint in my head.

Master Keys Master Mind Alliance is just the sort of kick in the pants I need to develop good habits that will instill a self-confidence necessary to go after my dreams in life and get rid of the “Other” woman. To replace her with a conscious awareness that what I do I will put my whole heart into because I am worth it. The world needs a healthy dose of my authenticity. That is what I am intending from this course.

The exercises laid out in the MKMMA program require a consistent demand of self-discipline combined with self-reflection and soul searching. Week #1 has been a challenge to stay on track. The “Other” woman comes up with a lot of excuses to NOT show up with my whole heart. However, I am finding that I do have a commitment muscle and it is getting stronger. As I work it I’m feeling more empowered throughout the day in my decision making and reality checking. For instance, instead of saying “Yes, I can do that”, to everything in my life, I am taking a step back and saying “no” to those things that are not on my priority list. Reality check.

A thought provoking verse in the training manual that captured my attention was #16: “Life is an unfoldment, not accretion”. I had to look up the word “accretion”. Basically this sentence means that everything that comes to us in the world without is something that we already possess in the world within…when it manifests outwardly it is an unfoldment. In other words, we don’t accumulate it…we already have it.

Why not go after it then instead of procrastinating?


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