Week 2 – Keeping Up With The Zen’s

“Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests [or true nature].”

This quote from Part Two of The Master Key strikes a chord with me. If “clear thinking and moral insight are of incalculable value”, then I question whether I have the spiritual capacity to find my true Dharma.

This week’s requirement was to re-write our Definite Main Purpose (AKA Dharma). You’d think that I was asked to navigate a rocket ship to the moon! DIFFICULT. My mind plays head games, overanalyzing what to say until I give up on writing anything at all.

Have you ever felt like your head is spinning in so many directions that you can’t focus on a single one? Where is the ZEN in that? How is it that I cannot uncover my true essence or Dharma? What do I really want in life that I don’t already have? Peace? Intimacy? Good communication? These are the questions that have been rattling around in my head all week.

I do enjoy moments when I feel like I’m in the flow…in the know…and serving in my fullest capacity as a citizen, mother, wife, and/or teaching/coaching but it is fleeting, slippery, and annoyingly elusive. One minute a brilliant idea comes to mind and the next minute I’m having a full on discussion about all the reasons why that idea cannot come to reality.

The exercises we’ve been assigned to do this week are all about how to be mindful of how our thoughts are ruling the subconscious. This is good. The bad is that I’m realizing just how much work is required to master the art of power thinking.

My experience in 15 minute meditations to clear the mind have born some fruit. On one occasion I had a clear vision of a book that I am supposed to write. Very cool. The transition of thought into action requires the belief and feeling that what we think has already come to pass.

This week I’ve been telling myself to just keep going. Do the exercises. Stay enthusiastic. All in the name of keeping up with the Zen’s.

4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Keeping Up With The Zen’s

  1. Wonderful share and observations Linda! I especially like how one of your sits resulted in such clarity for your book. I too had an experience like this and found out I could paint after saying I could not my entire life. All from the SIT. You’ve got this!!!

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