Week 4 – Give It Up!

Every week my mentor sends my DMP back with at least one of these comments…“Where is the sacrifice?”, “What are you giving up?” I think…”I’m not giving up or sacrificing anything! I’m gaining commitment, passion, knowledge, and energy” Why do I need to give up something? This part of my Dharma was not clicking…until this week’s webinar.

In this week’s webinar Davene stated, “Everyone will QUIT this week.”


I leaned in to listen.

“Yes, everyone is either going to QUIT the program or QUIT giving a percentage.”

“Really? Throw in the towel? Me, give something up? No way, I will go down with the ship!”

Davene went on to explain….each of the participants would either quit 100% or quit giving only a partial percent of energy to the process and instead full effort as in 100%. WOW! That was difficult to swallow. I was giving about 70% effort. Go BIG or go home was the message. But…but…but…My ego was spewing out the excuses left and right, reeling in defeat. In the end, the light bulb clicked on.

I AM sacrificing…

  • I’m giving up being mediocre.
  • I’m giving up indecisiveness.
  • I’m giving up vagueness.
  • I’m sacrificing the ego-driven need to be RIGHT and surrendering to understanding another’s point of view.
  • I’m surrendering to excellence, integrity, and being true to my word and sacrificing the pull to be everywhere and doing everything.
  • I’m surrendering to putting my foot in the sand to take a stand and say YES to only those activities that promote the cultivation of my Personal Pivotal Needs.
  • I’m giving up doing things on my own and stepping outside my comfort zone to enlist help from others. BECAUSE I CARE!

OK! I can give up! I CAN surrender to the peace of living a fruitful life. I can give up trying to juggle all the balls in the air. I CAN let go of correcting other people and allow them to enjoy their own journey.

THIS IS HUGE!! What AM I SACRIFICING in order to obtain my dreams and get out of the “stuckness” that I’m in? Although this has been a HARD one for me to get, I GET IT! I will need to shed my old skin and be willing to lead a NEW LIFE! This new life will absolutely look differently than the old life as I sacrifice what no longer is serving purpose in my life. I promise to put in 100% effort (my BEST effort) to MKMMA. I always keep my promises.


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