Week 6 -What Am I Plugged Into?

“I greet this day with love in my heart.” That’s what I read in week 6 from Og Mandino’s Scroll Number 2. I love this phrase. It warms my heart and allows the tension and anxiety I have to fall away. As I concentrate on who I meet and greet with love, I am no longer worried about me and am more in service to those I meet. For me, the feeling is more productive and I am moving towards #5 of the Blueprint Builder to enlist the help of others because I CARE about them.

This post is a bit late getting out for no other reason than it just is. I’ve had many aha’s during week 6 one of which is tied to Haanel’s 6.3 where he states…

“Ask any electrician what the effect of electricity will be and he will reply that “Electricity is a form of motion and its effect will depend upon the mechanism to which it is attached.” Upon this mechanism will depend whether we shall have heat, light, power, music or any of the other marvelous demonstration of power to which this vital energy has been harnessed.”

And so it is with our thoughts, that the effect of our lives depends upon where our mind is attached or in other words to what we think. It got me analyzing what I’m plugged into. Am I plugged into always being right or do I let things go to keep peace? I have seen this week that I’m plugged into some garbage and have had to be a more vigilant gate keeper of my thoughts. I’ve gone two whole days without dwelling on negativity…not easy when other egos want to engage in old patterns. I find my ego wants a hit. I also like being right and telling others how to change. That doesn’t go over well when I’m trying to greet the day with “Love in my heart.”

I find it easier to master the art of love when I spend a little time every day on self-care such as: eating good, clean food, exercising, and getting enough sleep. All of which are in my DMP directed towards true health. I love that all of this work is intertwined. It accelerates my growth!


4 thoughts on “Week 6 -What Am I Plugged Into?

  1. How insightful of you to examine what you are/were plugged into! And that our ego often wants “a hit” of the negativity drug that can be an addiction. Love sure is worth getting addicted to! Thanks for loving yourself as you to, so you can be of great service to others.


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