Week 11 – Whatsoever Things Ye Desire

My thoughts are a real force. This is an important sentence…

My thoughts are a real force.11image-thoughts-are-real-forces

What I do or gain in the world becomes significant only because of what I perceive (or think) about while I’m in the doing. I could be washing the dishes and in my head be mulling over a conversation I had 2 hours a
go. This could make me angry, upset, or happy based on the story I create around the conversation. I appreciate the mental focus of keeping my mind on the task at hand. This keeps me out of my story telling head where my ego likes to play the game of who is right or who is wrong. Instead I can move to forgiveness, understanding, and let go. This is so freeing to my mind! Now I have room for things I want to do and to connect with my desires.

Practicing the mental diet – starving my thoughts of negativity 24/7 – has been challenging yet so rewarding. With so much “time on my mind” not thinking negatively…I have more room for the things in my life that I desire. And you know what I found out? It’s scary to think about what I want. I have fear around making my dreams come true. In fact, I’ve had such a mental block about it that I find it hard to dream big. So many of my dreams did not come true. Why? Because there was no emotional feeling behind it…I merely stated in my head that it would be “nice” to have _______fill in the blank but took no time in my mind to create a burning desire for it. Instead I built up resistance and fear…How do I make it happen? When will it take place? What if my dreams don’t come to full fruition?

I’m beginning to see where I have built up this habit and can stop myself and change it…in good part because of the mental diet and meditation.

For example: I plan a workshop. Normally I get excited about it and dream big and am open to having a lot of people show up for it. Then it’s time to sit down and write a newsletter. I put it off. What am I going to say? The fear builds. Who is going to have enough time to show up? I start an energetic downward spiral. I’m dooming myself and my workshop slowly but surely. This would go on for two weeks until I would finally write the newsletter apologetically because I simply didn’t stay in the flow of creation and follow my plan of action with a burning desire for the outcome.

The way I am changing that behavior is this…now I am catching myself in this habit (fear based thinking and shrinking) and changing the thought. When it’s time to write that newsletter I think, “People need what you are offering. This will bring peace and comfort to those who attend. Do it NOW!” When I think about the change that will take place in the lives of those who attend I get excited and create that “burning desire” to take action on my plan.

In the New Testament Mark 11:24 it reads…

“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

It is important then to cultivate a real burning desire for what we want.

Burn baby burn!11lanaDelRey

Illustrated by Lana Del Rey in her passionate song Burning Desire.

My thoughts are a force (cause) that move me into action which creates outcome (effect). When I create a burning desire around the outcome through thought my actions nearly always manifest my desires (a full, meaningful, and productive workshop).

The work (and it is work) I’m doing in the Master Keys Mater Mind Alliance is about changing the subconscious blueprint. How? By being conscious. Hey, I preach this every day in my yoga classes. For sure the old adage applies: Practice what you preach. I’m realizing how much room I have for growth in this area.

It’s about faith, confidence, growth, and moving forward with ENTHUUUUSIASM building new habits.


3 thoughts on “Week 11 – Whatsoever Things Ye Desire

  1. Awesome post, Linda! Thanks for reminding me that Burning Desire is created, sustained, and intensified as we focus on bringing peace, comfort, joy, love, etc. to those we desire to serve. This post helps me imagine Burning Desire as emanating from my Solar Plexus (“fire in my belly”) instead of from the Thoughts in my Head/Brain/Mind.


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