About Linda

Hi there and welcome to my blog! My name is Linda. I’m so glad we could cozy up and have a chat. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and would love to hear a little bit about you! In fact, here are a few questions that I encourage you to answer and send back to me or just have a bit of fun pondering them…

  • Where and with whom was your first kiss? At a high school Christmas dance under mistletoe with Joe ? and it was an awful french kiss. ewww
  • What gets you on your soap box? “Oh no you didn’t just bring that soda into my house!” I also get my undies in a bunch over sugar cereals, boxed fake food, and nutritional ignorance in the face of disease…especially of folks who are in a position to influence others to make changes.
  • What big (or small) project have you finished recently and how did you feel about it? I recently finished my first and second hard wood floors (with hubby’s help). Sanded, stained (one of them), face nailed (the other) sealed, and applied several coats of finish to each. Both were finished differently and both turned out beautifully. I felt like we had really done something special. Very proud. Doing a happy dance about it. Also was able to stay married through it all.
  • Favorite all-time vacation? I’m all about Utah. I love it’s many National Parks and recreation sites. One of my favorite though is Lake Powell on a house boat (luxury) or even in a tent roughing it in the heat. Outside of my home state I’d have to say I loved going to Patagonia for a 13-day adventure including planes, trains, taxi’s, cruise ship, 60 miles of back-country backpacking and many local fishing villages. Very cool!

I am a certified eRYT-500 yoga instructor…which means i’ve been doing it for a long time and I love what I do. I also teach and incorporate The Virtues Project (see www.virtuesproject.com). I am passionate about healthy living, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, and leadership in the workplace. I maintain a web site on all things healthy at http://www.theyogaCoach.me. I believe in the ounce of prevention theory and like to empower my clients through education of nutrition, exercise, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation practices. Whole food supplement lover http://www.ljblack.sevenpoint2.com; Essential oil user http://www.mydoterra.com/yogaessentials; Believer in God; Mother of four beautiful grown children plus their spouses; wife, outdoor enthusiast, and inventor of my own original green smoothie check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b27cmAWX8Do.


2 thoughts on “About Linda

  1. • Where and with whom was your first kiss? Tony M. I was 6 and he was 5. My 11 year old sister dared us and then offered us a quarter each to kiss each other. Ewww.
    • What gets you on your soap box? Parents who are not present for their kids. If you are going to be responsible to bring a child into this word, recognize it for the blessing it is, and then be 100% present for them, with them. There are no “do-overs” when you are guiding another human being.
    • What big (or small) project have you finished recently and how did you feel about it? I made a commitment just over a year ago to blog for 365 days – Daily Observations WithOut Opinion – DoWoo! Through losing both my mum and mother-in-law, selling our house, our convertible, 95% of all that we own, moving to a different country….(and so on)…I kept my promise. I blogged 401 days in a row before I chose to pause. I am amazed! I also recognize one consistent step forward each day leads you to where you wish to go.


    • WOW! I love your commitment to parenthood (I feel the same and will be teaching a 3-week course starting Friday on “Parenting with The Virtues Project”…very excited to share this information that makes being 100% present easier, fun, and fulfilling for both parent and child. Your accomplishment in blogging 365+++ days in a row through thick and thin shows mucho gusto…lots of commitment and determination. I am amazed too!


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