Week 14 – Got Me Thinking…

Charles Haanel boldly states in Part Fourteen of The Master Key that “all thought is creative.” Not just some thought…all thought.

What does that statement mean? Haanel goes on to say that if you deny the conditions in your life that you are not happy with that you literally up-root or sap the vitality of those conditions leaving them to wither and die. The opposite then stands to reason that what we put our attention towards and think about more often (and complain about) will persist with us, orgrow (seventh Law of the Mind).

You can see this played out when you’re around Uncle Ned or Aunt Petunia who can’t shut up about all the problems that are in their favor. You just think…”Nothing changes with that man/woman, bad luck seems to follow them everywhere.” They are literally creating the bad luck through their constant watering and nourishing of the very conditions that they are unhappy about.

This got me thinking…what if we are so comfortable in our misery that we don’t want to have those problems go away? Or…what if those conditions we deem unfavorable are actually blessings in disguise would we recognize them and change our habitual complaining about them?

This concept hit me hard.

I’ve been nursing an emotional hurt (brought on from a business partnership breakup) for over four years. It seems to come up every time I make a bold move in my business life. It’s as if I’m reliving the pain of that failure over and over and it feels like I’m paralyzed to take a risk. Is it a self-sabotaging mechanism in order for me to stay in the safe and known world? When I reach outside my comfort zone I feel every anxiety and hear all the unworthy gossip about myself replay in my head.

Time to stop the replay!

I CAN substitute a negative thought for a positive one…my choice (Law of Substitution). I can also CREATE whatever feeling around that failure that I want (Law of Dual Thought). JUICY!

After talking about this life changing business fallout to two separate individuals in the same week, I received some very insightful advice which came in the form of an inquiry…”What have you gained from this experience?”

That question simmered around in my head for a few days.

Then the flood gates gave way and I could no longer hold a container of resentment.

My mind poured out instance after instance of all the opportunities that opened up and have shaped my direction in the last four years. I could see that every workshop, class, seminar, or other business venture that I had either been in or taught in the past four years was a direct result of that fateful business failure. All the friendships and people that I’ve met because of or in spite of this failure count in the 100’s. Tearfully I realize that I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and I’m grateful for that past experience. The thought I had created about that business venture being a failure is NO LONGER THERE. It is replaced with a new thought and feeling…one of deep and sincere gratitude. I’m grateful for the experience. I’m grateful for the failure. I’m grateful for all the growth that I’ve experienced.

You could say that the light has replaced the darkness. I have blossomed into a more soulful, authentic, real version of myself instead of working in a business with someone else’s dream.

I find Haanel’s writings to be very liberating. The idea that I can CREATE the condition around an event that is either out of my control (or perceived to be so) is redemptive. Moreover, the study and practice of training my mind to create the condition and see that it is within my control is freeing. I believe Haanel is DEAD ON with his summation of our power to create conditions. To deny this is to deny responsibility for our fate. It is to say that it does not matter what we do in this life because ultimate reward is out of our control. This is not so. We indeed have more control over our lives than we give ourselves credit for.

The very thought that MY thoughts are the cause of the events that take place in my life has got me thinking…what else is possible?9060-Audrey-Hepburn-Quote


Week 13 – A Lesson In Persistence

I’ve always thought of myself as a person possessing a great amount of perseverance…being able to work at something long enough to master it. Persistence, on the other hand, has been a word I’ve associated with nagging willfulness. I haven’t given it the same high marks as perseverance. Given that the past couple of week we’ve been studying persistence in MKMMA, I thought I’d look into the differences and similarities of the two and see what I could come up with.

According to Virtues Project Reflections Cards perseverance is defined as [bold added]…

“The will to carry on. Once we discern our true direction, we stay the course for however long it takes, regardless of obstacles that arise. When creativity inspires us, we do the work required to bring it to fruition. We patiently pursue our goals, remaining steadfast and focused. We persist with a task until it is completed. People can trust us to finish what we start. When our relationships are tested, we have the commitment to work things through. We are determined to succeed.”

WOW! That describes and defines the MKMMA intention exactly! So what then is persistence?

We learned in week 13 that persistence is not a character trait but actually the indoctrination (hard work) of four simple habits into our way of being…

DMP – Defining a direction and life’s purpose. You first need to know the path you wish to pursue or all your efforts will be lost in the shiny penny syndrome…chasing someone else’s dream.

PMA – Practicing daily habits that lead to your life’s purpose. Rendering continuous action without excuses. This to me is the heart and soul of persistence. It is the daily action of taking the next step, without letting excuses derail our decision to follow through.

POA – Service = love = growth. Defined as…putting into action a continuous life-long pursuit of service-oriented actions that inspire others and contribute to planet well-being.  The by-product of these actions is spiritual growth, wealth, and happiness.

MMA – Master minding with like-minded individuals on a regular basis. To me this means to associate with those who recognize greatness and acknowledge it in themselves and others. It is also being around people who push you to excel.

I recently watched the movie “Wild”, a true story of a woman named Cheryl Strayed (played by one of my favorite actresses Reese Witherspoon). She makes all the wrong choices after her mother, and best friend, dies suddenly of a fatal disease. She is lost, lonely, and takes out her anger in ways that are harmful spiritually, emotionally, and physically. In her quest to find herself she decides to solo hike the Pacific Crest Trail. A 1,100-mile trek that changes her DNA forever.

The lesson in this movie is the purposeful pursuit to find herself one step at a time. She did not give up…even when fellow trail mates did. She pushed forward, single and a woman in the wild in compromising situations. She relied on her mother’s memory and ideals to keep her on a steady path through rain, snow, dehydration, inadequate gear, and many more trail mishaps.

I believe this movie demonstrates Cheryl’s persistence and perseverance. I was inspired to keep going towards my dreams even though I feel inadequate at times and don’t know how I will get there. What I do know is that one step forward and then another and then another will eventually get me there.

Being in MKMMA is teaching me the true meaning of persistence. To wake up, exercise, eat right, meditate, give service, etc. Every day…without excuses. It takes discipline to be persistent. It takes perseverance, hard work, and 1,000+ mile trail to realize your dreams.

Keep going…persevere in persistence.

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there’s love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” ~ Ella Fitzgerald

Week 12 –What Am I Holding Tight To?

“Oho!” said the pot to the kettle;BCLM-Pot_Kettle_Black2
“You are dirty and ugly and black!
Sure no one would think you were metal,

Except when you’re given a crack.”

“Not so! not so!” kettle said to the pot;
“‘Tis your own dirty image you see;
For I am so clean – without blemish or blot –
That your blackness is mirrored in me. ~Anonymous

This past week Davene told a story of the Bear Hugs Kettle. The story takes place in a camp while folks are boiling water in a kettle over the fire. About this time a hungry bear smelling dinner walks into a camp. He meanders around for a bit of time. The kettle over the fire starts boiling and startles the bear. Not knowing what it is, the bear in defense picks up the hot kettle and hugs it. Of course the kettle is scorching hot and burns the bear. The bear in his frightened state hugs the kettle tighter and is burned more but still he holds tighter…until the poor chap dies from the burns.

This is not unlike the burns we suffer in our lives. The setbacks, the miscommunication, resentments, should’a, would’a, could’as, and mishaps that we all have to complain about. The moral of the story is that if we are enmeshed in the resentments in our life, we cannot move forward with our dreams. It is impossible to be thinking about manifesting our dreams while we have one foot in resentment.

This really hit home for me. A few years ago I had an experience with a business partner that left me feeling unappreciated, deeply hurt, resentful, and a little bit bitter to be honest. It was like going through a divorce and not knowing the reason for the dismantling of the relationship. The pain from this event left me in bed for weeks unable to move forward. Everything I had worked so hard for was ripped out from under me in a matter of days. I didn’t know what to think, what to do, or how to move forward. For many months…and yes, even years, and sometimes still, I found my mind wandering to that place of bitterness and not wanting this x-business partner to succeed. This mode of thought leads me into deeper depression and misery.

The only peace I feel is when I let go. Let go of the hot kettle and release the hurt, anger, and pain to focus on what I have now. I forgive. I forgive myself for what I did and didn’t do in that business partnership that led to its demise. I forgive my biz partner for not vocalizing her views and seeing no other options but the one chosen. I let go to be free of the bitterness. In doing so I am able to learn the lesson and keep all the experience that business venture taught me. I can choose to be present here and now and move forward with my gifts and talents to shine a light in the world. By the same token, I can allow my biz partner the same freedom. In the words of Byron Katie I’m constantly moving towards “Loving What Is”.

When that little nagging negativity flares up I put out the fire with the Law of Substitution and send love and light to all ventures. When I hold tight to my own insecurities I create my own demise. Instead, I am choosing to look at what I have created on my own and how I am able to serve so many people in up leveling their health and wellness. Holding tight to my dreams and moving forward.chains free3

Master Keys part 12:4 says…

“The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward. Eternal vigilance is the price of success. There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential. You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”

In the daily ritual of keeping my mind focused on the road ahead and sharply tuned to my dreams I find the courage, power, and faith to move forward and let the kettle go.

Week 11 – Whatsoever Things Ye Desire

My thoughts are a real force. This is an important sentence…

My thoughts are a real force.11image-thoughts-are-real-forces

What I do or gain in the world becomes significant only because of what I perceive (or think) about while I’m in the doing. I could be washing the dishes and in my head be mulling over a conversation I had 2 hours a
go. This could make me angry, upset, or happy based on the story I create around the conversation. I appreciate the mental focus of keeping my mind on the task at hand. This keeps me out of my story telling head where my ego likes to play the game of who is right or who is wrong. Instead I can move to forgiveness, understanding, and let go. This is so freeing to my mind! Now I have room for things I want to do and to connect with my desires.

Practicing the mental diet – starving my thoughts of negativity 24/7 – has been challenging yet so rewarding. With so much “time on my mind” not thinking negatively…I have more room for the things in my life that I desire. And you know what I found out? It’s scary to think about what I want. I have fear around making my dreams come true. In fact, I’ve had such a mental block about it that I find it hard to dream big. So many of my dreams did not come true. Why? Because there was no emotional feeling behind it…I merely stated in my head that it would be “nice” to have _______fill in the blank but took no time in my mind to create a burning desire for it. Instead I built up resistance and fear…How do I make it happen? When will it take place? What if my dreams don’t come to full fruition?

I’m beginning to see where I have built up this habit and can stop myself and change it…in good part because of the mental diet and meditation.

For example: I plan a workshop. Normally I get excited about it and dream big and am open to having a lot of people show up for it. Then it’s time to sit down and write a newsletter. I put it off. What am I going to say? The fear builds. Who is going to have enough time to show up? I start an energetic downward spiral. I’m dooming myself and my workshop slowly but surely. This would go on for two weeks until I would finally write the newsletter apologetically because I simply didn’t stay in the flow of creation and follow my plan of action with a burning desire for the outcome.

The way I am changing that behavior is this…now I am catching myself in this habit (fear based thinking and shrinking) and changing the thought. When it’s time to write that newsletter I think, “People need what you are offering. This will bring peace and comfort to those who attend. Do it NOW!” When I think about the change that will take place in the lives of those who attend I get excited and create that “burning desire” to take action on my plan.

In the New Testament Mark 11:24 it reads…

“What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

It is important then to cultivate a real burning desire for what we want.

Burn baby burn!11lanaDelRey

Illustrated by Lana Del Rey in her passionate song Burning Desire.

My thoughts are a force (cause) that move me into action which creates outcome (effect). When I create a burning desire around the outcome through thought my actions nearly always manifest my desires (a full, meaningful, and productive workshop).

The work (and it is work) I’m doing in the Master Keys Mater Mind Alliance is about changing the subconscious blueprint. How? By being conscious. Hey, I preach this every day in my yoga classes. For sure the old adage applies: Practice what you preach. I’m realizing how much room I have for growth in this area.

It’s about faith, confidence, growth, and moving forward with ENTHUUUUSIASM building new habits.

Week 10 – Be The Change…persistence beats resistance

I’m feeling this week a lot of resistance to the changes I am making. All the resistance, however, is coming from me. My head saying, “this is too much effort, too much time, too much this, too little that.” My old blueprint is trying to push out the new blueprint.

Is this normal?persistance

To be the change we wish to see in the world is an inside job. It is fought and won through our own persistent effort.

I’ve been reading The Greatest Salesman in the World  Chapter 10 (scroll III) this week. One of the paragraphs that stood out for me was this…

“I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep. I will hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious. Let them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny.”

Hmmm…could this be what true leadership is about? Someone who refuses to weep and complain about life but who stands up and takes the bull by the horns and persists to bring about change regardless of the resistance encountered?

I recently listened to/watched a speech by Marianne Williamson on Democracy and Politics. In it (11:30) she explicates on change as it pertains to Americans…

“We never move forward as a nation because the status quo wakes up one day and says, “Oh let’s do it different.” The majority didn’t wake up one day and say – oh let’s free the slaves. The majority didn’t wake up one day and say – I think we should give women the right to vote…Social change does not occur because the status quo decides to change it. The status quo is happy with the way things are.”

We do not wake up one day and suddenly awaken to our potential. It takes persistent effort (and lots of practice). Leaders are persistent. They do not go along with the status quo. They align with their inner compass (spirit) and lead from the heart with God as their Guide. With conviction I can press on in the face of opposition. I think this is what it takes to affect real change in myself. Be persistent even when it means that your friends and family are doing something different or telling you that you are nuts for believing in your dreams. The sheep, the status quo, are happy with the way things are; happy with being in confined space where everything is known, controlled, weighed and measured with known outcomes.

In order to move into our greatest potential, it takes real determination, persistent effort towards our idealism, a purpose and plan of action, and above all faith in the vision we hold for ourselves. This requires me to pick myself up, to stop complaining and to do something about my destiny.

Even the tiniest move towards success…like completing the persistance2sm
all chore of cleaning out the file cabinet when I say I will…is progress towards leadership. When I honestly keep my promises to myself I am empowering myself to honestly keep my promises to others.

When I can lead myself consistently I can lead others. That is how change is made.

Week #9 – I Am Whole

The expression “I am whole” is about a true a statement as you can get. When I say it I can sometimes feel the powerful message I am telling myself;  I am whole; I am well; I am who I am and in this moment I characterize a piece of wholeness; I design, create, and orchestrate my life based on the universal law of attraction.

There are other times, however, when my mind shuts down at this statement and says, “Yea but…you’re not this and you haven’t achieved that, etc.” I feel inadequate with the statement “I am whole.” Really? What does it mean to be whole?

Let’s look at a piece of pie. (I’m using the pie analogy because it’s Thanksgiving a  round here and pies are a plenty.) When you eat a slice of pie are you eating a whole pie? Trick question. The answer is of course, yes! A slice of pie has every ingredient that a wpieshole pie has. Every slice tastes, smells, feels, and looks like the whole pie. Would each slice of pie then be “whole”? What if the slice of pie said, “I’m not good enough to eat because I’m only a piece of pie.” Or “Don’t bother with me I’m pumpkin and the chocolate pie over there is better because it’s rich and dark.”

That would be absurd.

Just as slice of pie contains all that the whole pie is, so do we contain or have access to the Universal mind or the power of God or creator in us. We are a part of the whole and therefore a container for all that the whole is and has access to.

In Master Keys 4:7 it reads, “To know the Truth is to be in harmony with the Infinite and Omnipotent power. To know the truth is, therefore, to connect yourself with a power which is irresistible and which will sweep away every kind of discord, inharmony, doubt or error of any kind, because the “Truth is mighty and will prevail.””

I have access to the infinite and Omnipotent when I am in line with my true nature, when I connect myself to a higher power or “plug in” with my maker. Prayer and meditation is the way in which I do this.

Visualization is another powerful ally in my quest to remain in a state of recognizing my wholeness. It allows me to go beyond what is present and happening now to seek and see myself in potential as a whole well rounded being.

This week I have noticed that the more I set out to work on showing love to others and staying in “the truth”, the more people around me show up in a state that tests my ability to do this. My husband, for instance, comes home from work and feels unappreciated, over-worked, and tired. His first words are…

“ Why doesn’t anyone do anything around here? I come home and have to put all the dishes away from yesterday. It’s like no one lifts a finger around here but me.”

“Well EXCUSE me!” Is the response I have from the inside. All I want to do is argue the moot point that I do indeed clean and pull my weight around the house. Then I remember my readings…

The only way to get love is by giving it and that the more I give the more I will get.

So I turn and ask, “What would bring you peace in this moment?”

The conversation is diffused and instead of lighting into a heated discussion, we are cordial and mindful. Later, my husband apologized for being so dramatic and expressed how much he did indeed love and appreciate me. In the words of Frederick Elias Andrews, “Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish.” Words to live by.

This week I took every opportunity to use the affirmation suggested in Master Keys Part 9,

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

Words to live by and words I can live into.

Week 8 – Breaking the Addiction

Part Eight of the Master Keys talks about imagination. If you can imagine it you can achieve it. Just as every physical object in the world was imagined first and then later manifested, so too is every experience in life first imagined and then manifested. Sometimes we are a part of someone else’s vision coming true but more often than not our life is a direct result of the constructive or destructive thoughts we have given our daily attention to.

In 8.5 of the master keys it states, “If your thought has been critical or destructive, and has resulted in any condition of discord or in-harmony in your environment, it may be necessary for you to cultivate a mental attitude which will be conducive to constructive thought.”

I’ve been working on this mental attitude for 8 weeks now. This week when I started the mental diet of not entertaining a negative thought I found it perfectly difficult. This is the week my husband decided to vent about what wasn’t right in the world and how I had contributed to the lack he was feeling. Immediately my defenses went up and I wanted to put on the boxing gloves. How dare he! I felt so disempowered. It is moments like this when my ego says, “to heck with all this trying to better myself, if the people around me would just quit being selfish, mean, thoughtless, etc…I could easily master the mental diet.”self-discipline

Immediately, my mind pops up with “Give more of what you want to get more of what you need.” Hmmm…what do I need? I need my spouse to show kindness, compassion, consideration, and validation. OK…time to pull up my big girl pants and BE HUMBLE. If I’m not getting what I need then the law says that I can give what I need. Hard? YES! Stated in 8.18 of the Master Keys…

“The law of attraction will certainly and unerringly bring to you the conditions, environment, and experiences in life, corresponding with your habitual, characteristic, predominant mental attitude. Not what you think once in a while when you are in church, or have just read a good book, BUT your predominant mental attitude is what counts.”

In other words, I get to BE the person that I want to SEE in others. This doesn’t mean that I am a door mat for bad behavior from others…what it does mean is that I can show compassion when my spouse is hangry (that’s a made up word for angry due to hunger) and has had little sleep, working long hours, and in a state of disharmony. I can accept where he is and maintain my ground and choose in the moment to table the discussion until we can reframe our state of mind. I can resist the temptation to go into the old mental habit of creating more discord.


“I can be what I will to be.” I choose harmony.