Week 4 – Give It Up!

Every week my mentor sends my DMP back with at least one of these comments…“Where is the sacrifice?”, “What are you giving up?” I think…”I’m not giving up or sacrificing anything! I’m gaining commitment, passion, knowledge, and energy” Why do I need to give up something? This part of my Dharma was not clicking…until this week’s webinar.

In this week’s webinar Davene stated, “Everyone will QUIT this week.”


I leaned in to listen.

“Yes, everyone is either going to QUIT the program or QUIT giving a percentage.”

“Really? Throw in the towel? Me, give something up? No way, I will go down with the ship!”

Davene went on to explain….each of the participants would either quit 100% or quit giving only a partial percent of energy to the process and instead full effort as in 100%. WOW! That was difficult to swallow. I was giving about 70% effort. Go BIG or go home was the message. But…but…but…My ego was spewing out the excuses left and right, reeling in defeat. In the end, the light bulb clicked on.

I AM sacrificing…

  • I’m giving up being mediocre.
  • I’m giving up indecisiveness.
  • I’m giving up vagueness.
  • I’m sacrificing the ego-driven need to be RIGHT and surrendering to understanding another’s point of view.
  • I’m surrendering to excellence, integrity, and being true to my word and sacrificing the pull to be everywhere and doing everything.
  • I’m surrendering to putting my foot in the sand to take a stand and say YES to only those activities that promote the cultivation of my Personal Pivotal Needs.
  • I’m giving up doing things on my own and stepping outside my comfort zone to enlist help from others. BECAUSE I CARE!

OK! I can give up! I CAN surrender to the peace of living a fruitful life. I can give up trying to juggle all the balls in the air. I CAN let go of correcting other people and allow them to enjoy their own journey.

THIS IS HUGE!! What AM I SACRIFICING in order to obtain my dreams and get out of the “stuckness” that I’m in? Although this has been a HARD one for me to get, I GET IT! I will need to shed my old skin and be willing to lead a NEW LIFE! This new life will absolutely look differently than the old life as I sacrifice what no longer is serving purpose in my life. I promise to put in 100% effort (my BEST effort) to MKMMA. I always keep my promises.

Week 3 – Generating Healing Energy

Side Note: Every day I have a new epiphany while reading something out of the Master Keys. Cool. When I want to access that epiphany later to blog about it my mind shuts the door and locks the key. Nothing. Nope. Nada. I clam up like a class of 5th graders in inquisition.

Thought: I remember that the first step of any endeavor is to get out of our own way (or my own head) and Just Do It, and do it NOW. OK. Bear with me as I bare my thoughts.

One of the notes I wrote while re-writing my Dharma (Definite Main Purpose) is to allow it to be what it needs to be. It only needs to be right for me. That epiphany was freeing. It allowed my thoughts to flow freely without judgement or having to get it “right”. After re-writing my Dharma, reading it this week has brought more clarity and purpose to my day.

My favorite read for the week comes from the Master Keys Part Three as it describes the Solar Plexus and the way it is controlled automatically through the Sympathetic Nervous System (our unconscious or involuntary system). Of course that makes sense. We don’t need to think about it…unless we want to change the programming. That requires voluntary action from the cerebro-spinal system, or our conscious awareness.

As a yoga instructor I teach and observe students and how they move and transition through the physical asana practice. There is an unconscious pattern (either skillful or unskillful) that invariably emerges in each student as we move through class. For instance, if a student’s shoulders are hunched forward in Tadasana they will also follow a similar pattern when we add a twist or raise the arms overhead. This can create a muscle memory in the body that over time results in injury. Unless the basic alignment is consciously attuned, bad habits and possible harmful effects will follow. What we radiate outward from the Solar Plexus is no different…”the quality of the thought which we entertain determines the quality of the thought which this sun will radiate, and the character of the thought which our conscious mind entertains will determine the character of the thought which this sun will radiate…and consequently will determine the nature of the experience which will result.” (MK 3:12) Change the mind. Change the habit.

Just as the skillful yogi monitors the alignment of the body to create strength and healing, so do we monitor our thoughts to create a life we love. It is our habitual movement that creates either true health or illness. It is our habitual thoughts (or autonomic thoughts) that are the source of our energy and power. Practice, practice, practice. And thus, I will continue in my pursuit of losing control of what is outside of me and rather, focus mainly on control of the cerebro-spinal system (my daily thoughts).

Week four? Bring it!